Design Strategy

Priefert Complex Designs uses Seven P’s as the basis for its design strategy. Our step-by-step assistance guides clients through the design process to develop facilities that demonstrate both creativity and functionality. Our steps follow a proven method that incorportates Purpose, Place, Plan, Price, Picture, Phasing, and Process.

  • Through a comprehensive interview process with user groups, committee members and community leaders, we identify the purpose envisioned. We help define priorities and versatility required.
  • Location can have major impact on the success of a project. With early involvement, PCD can help direct site selection considerations based on visibility, access utilities, grade, drainage, cost and more.
  • A clear plan is critical. Creating a plan of action, helps align priorities and develops a recipe for success. Plan also includes schematics designs to define space allocation for particular functions.
  • We incorporate a proven process for developing realistic, accurate budgets, even at very early states of designs.