Project Coordination

A properly coordinated project design process results in buildings that are economical, easy to build, and easy to own. At PCD, we find that following a project from its initial concept through completion of construction, allows us to ensure the Owner’s project requirements are fulfilled. Applying the science of architectural engineering and leaning on our construction backgrounds, allow us to be sure the design details of the project work together, while guiding the project toward “big picture” goals. PCD develops a team approach among its project partners, including stakeholders, owners, architects, engineers, and contractors. PCD manages the day-to-day operations of these various parties, assisting them in creating a design that reflects the purpose and requirements of the project and ensuring that resources are aware of deadlines and tasks for which they are responsible. Our design review uncovers potential design conflicts, limiting costly changes during implementation of the design, while our constructability review produces projects that are economical to build by providing adequate detail so that contractors fully understand the project scope. Our goal is to make working together a privilege, not a chore.

Highlighted Projects