Fairgrounds & Expo Centers

When it comes to fairgrounds, rodeo complexes, and exposition centers, we speak your language. PCD was founded to deal specifically with the challenges faced by these types of facilities. Our common-sense approach of designing these projects from the “inside out” leads to multi-purpose venues that, while designed with the fair or rodeo in mind, can be utilized by a multitude of user groups year-round. From the earliest phase of the project, particular attention is paid to the interface between animals and people. Detailed discussion and planning considers how animals will be loaded, unloaded, housed, and handled while at the location. Our goal is to produce facilities that are both user-friendly and animal-safe. PCD’s familiarity with rodeo, fairground, and livestock events, along with its ability to understand stakeholders’ needs form the foundation of our design strategies. Direct communication with our personally-engaged team of experts creates projects that are economical, functional, and versatile. From concept through construction and on to operations, the PCD team focuses on matching needs, efficiency, and style with the available budget. With our parent company widely regarded as the most trusted name in livestock handling equipment, it is no surprise that we are subject matter experts in facilities where livestock-themed events will be held.

Highlighted Projects

Archer Events Facility
Cheyenne, WY

Services: Planning, Project Coordination, Architectural Engineering, Livestock Consulting

Building Activities: County Fair, Trade Shows, Community Gatherings, Drive-In Movies, Meetings/Conferences, Livestock Shows, Dog Shows, Industry Expos, Banquets

Status: Completed 2019

Description: PCD became involved with this project in 2013, offering master planning services for the Laramie County Fair board. After the creation of preliminary floor plans, budgets, renderings and a feasibility study, the voters of Laramie County approved the project. PCD and its design team then proceeded into production design of their new multi-purpose facility. The project totaled 114,310 square feet under roof and include 7,500 square feet of conditioned office, meeting and administrative space, 21,500 square feet of exhibition and pre-function space, 14,500 square feet for livestock penning, a 52,800 square feet multi-purpose space and a 14,850 square feet cattle tie area. PCD guided the owner in the selection of a construction manager by writing the request for qualifications and participating in the interview process. The owner was able to arrive at the selection of a reputable and capable general contractor. The design team and contractor provided the project to Laramie County on time and under budget, in spite of increases in scope and in the face of severe weather outbreaks. The new Archer Events Facility, now in operation, is the new home to the Laramie County Fair, and hosts a wide range events including trade shows, concerts and livestock shows.

Alva Arena Authority – Events Facility
Alva, OK

Services: Planning, Architectural Engineering, Budgeting, Livestock Consulting

Building Activities: County Fair, Rodeo, Equestrian Events, Concerts, Political Events, Trade Shows, Banquets, Government Offices, Livestock Shows, Dog Shows, Community Gatherings

Status: Groundbreaking Spring 2020

Description: PCD began working with the Alva Arena Authority in 2015. Working closely with owners, our services began by offering master planning at the existing fairgrounds. Preliminary floor plans, site plans, budgeting and rendering were provided to the client to define the project. Eventually, the client decided to relocate the project to a more visible site. The program was retooled for the new site. The new masterplan led to PCD hiring a complete design team of architects and engineers to complete construction documents of this multipurpose venue. Totaling 256,025 square feet, the project includes a 52,000 square foot warm-up arena, 45,000 square foot stall barn, 6,000 square foot storage building, 34,275 square foot livestock barn, 31,250 square foot exhibit hall and an 87,000 multi-purpose arena. All areas are accessible under a single roof and are arranged so that different activities can be held simultaneously, without interference or mixing of event attendees. Likewise, the entire facility is designed to be opened for easy access during a single event. PCD led the contractor selection process for the client. The process included drafting the request for qualifications for the potential general contractors to respond to and directed the interview process so the client could make an informed, methodical and educated selection of a construction management firm. PCD has since worked with the construction manager through preliminary budgeting, value engineering and the development of a guaranteed maximum price.

Childress Events Center
Childress, TX

Services: Planning, Project Coordination, Architectural Engineering, Budgeting, Livestock Consulting

Building Activities: County Fair, Rodeo, Livestock Shows, Equestrian Events, Community Gatherings, Expos, Trade Shows, Political Events, Administration Offices, Tail-gaiting, Banquets, Dances

Status: Completed 2015

Description: PCD was retained by the Childress Economic Development Corporation (EDC) to provide a master plan for a proposed multi-purpose arena. PCD assisted in site selection, planning and preliminary budgeting so the EDC could perform a feasibility analysis. After the master plan was approved, PCD designed the two-building venue – a multi-purpose arena and an exhibition hall. The multi-purpose arena contains approximately 1,000 seats, livestock equipment and an announcer stand. Outdoor livestock storage is contained underneath an adjoining lean-to structure. The livestock penning also serves an outdoor competition arena for larger events. The exhibition hall includes 15,750 square feet of exhibit space, restrooms for the entire facility and a commercial kitchen that can serve either interior or exterior events. The two buildings are connected by a breezeway, while porches provide protection for the sun and the elements. The theme of the facility follows the construction of old cotton gins of the region.

Taylor County Expo Center
Abilene, TX

Services: Planning, Project Coordination, Architectural Engineering, Livestock Consulting

Building Activities: County Fair, Livestock Shows, Equestrian Events, Rodeo, Animal Housing/Horse Stalling, Community Gatherings

Status: Phase 1 – Completed 2019
Phase 2 – Completion Scheduled 2020

Description: PCD began its relationship with Taylor County in 2013, performing master planning services for the complete remodel and build out of the Taylor County Fair Grounds. During master planning PCD was able to offer advice on how Taylor County could renovate and rebuild their current fairgrounds, without affecting on-going activities by phasing the design and construction process. Phase 1 of the project consisted of a new 248,000 square foot livestock barn. This livestock barn features an open air, ventilated, dirt floor arena with concrete floors for stalling, horse expo stalls, sheep and hog pens and cattle ties. Also included in Phase 1 was an additional 40,000 square feet added to an existing covered arena to increase stall space. Ventilation and lighting were improved in the existing arena as part of the improvements. A covered driveway connects the existing arena with the new livestock barn so inclement weather will not hinder participants during loading and unloading. Phase 1 was completed in time for the 2019 county fair and has since hosted a multitude of livestock and equestrian events. The design of Phase 2 commenced while Phase 1 was under construction. Phase 2 is a 124,000 square foot multi-purpose, climate-controlled arena building. Highlights of Phase 2 included vendor spaces, storage, concessions, restrooms, multiple concourses and administration areas. The arena contains seating for 5,248 visitors under a clear span structure spanning 240 feet. The Phase 1 buildings are connected to the Phase 2 arena by a covered connector so that livestock and participants can move throughout the complex, regardless of weather conditions. The project was challenged by a volatile steel market during construction, but PCD managed the budget and the work schedule to allow Taylor County to carry on their scheduled events without disruption.